Thursday, June 16, 2011

Box Driven Purge

Our office is moving. This is a slightly difficult, but ultimately incredibly wonderful move.
It has required everyone to purge as well. I inherited my position, and my desk full of stuff. It has had several owners prior to me. It's interesting to search through the dark depths and see what you can find.

It has created a need in me to go through everything we own and PURGE.
Our garage is full of stuff. Some of it is my daughters', from moving out and then back in. Kitchen gear, and furniture, things like that. But the rest? What is it? I have slightly pack ratty habits, so does my husband. When you are tight on funds you tend to hold on to stuff "just in case". We do not have any scary piles of newspapers or anything like that. Almost all of it could be sold at a yard sale. Of course, now that I have the itch to do this major clean out, the weather is HOT. We went from slushy constant rain to 90 degrees. Crazy.

Sometimes the only reason I hang on to something is because someone special gave it to me. Even if I don't particularly like it, or it doesn't match the house, or it isn't currently useful to us, well, it gets stored(thrown into a box in the garage). We never want to hurt someones feelings. Miss Manners says once a gift is given it is yours to do with what you want. That includes re-gifting and throwing it away. I think it's especially hard if you are in ministry.

The hard work is worth it. I love a clean room, and organized drawers or closets. It calms my inner being down. Too much stuff or chaos makes me feel edgy. I am not a total minimalist, I just like balance and order, and to be able to find what I am looking for. :)

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Sassy said...

Love the story and I'm the same way. My DH was asked once if I was OCD, he said "no, she's just a spaz". I laughed, I do like organization, order, and cleanliness... now, this doesn't mean spotless or 24/7 of emmaculate either. In my mid 50's I don't get as off keelter as I used to or as crazy about keeping everything just right. Oh & never did I make anyone feel bad about it either, I just quietly straightened and put things back.

I think it's funny that you are concidered OCD from first glance of keeping your house clean & organized. Much different than the yester years of good ole house keeping.