Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anyone Have A Jar?

The cherries are becoming ripe.
The time is drawing near...
canning season is upon us.

I am very excited about this. The cherry products are by far everyones favorites. Well, wait, the Asian Plum Sauce has actually been the top request, but the cherry jam is close second.

We have a call in to our favorite tree climber, David T. He used to work for the power company and climbed and trimmed trees all over California. He is highly skilled and has all the gear. Since our cherry trees are at least two stories tall this is a very good friend to have. He loves climbing the trees and he accepts pies and jars of jam as payment. Seems like a fair trade.

My local canning buddy, and mentor frankly,Nancy, is leaving town, and coming back for a couple days and leaving town again. Although I am perfectly capable of canning alone, it is way funner, and easier to do it with a friend.

We do, however, have someone interested in learning canning this year. She specifically wants to learn tomato sauce, but we can start with cherry jam.

Is anyone else out there interested in learning canning skills?
I would be happy to share what I know.

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