Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 25th, Snow?

May 24th was a glorious, sunshiney day.
May 26th turned out to be just like it!

But May 25th? I think it got lost on it's way to our house, and some sneaky February date waltzed over here instead.

My husband has a big wedding gig on Lake Tahoe next month. Literally, the wedding is on the lake on a boat, and the reception is in some fabulous big home on the lakeshore. We, along with caterers and florists and whatnot, were supposed to meet with the bride and groom at said fabulous lakeside home to get a feeling of what we would need for the sound system, and how to set up the band, things like that.

We knew there was a chance, we knew the weather was iffy, but we were told that snow wouldn't fall until LATER.

THEY were wrong.

We weren't far from home when I saw the first flake. I tried to ignore the fat rain, the slight slushy texture on the windsheild. But then, the pitter patter of rain simply stopped, replaced by fluttering white stuff. We only have front wheel drive. We carry chains, but it wasn't sticking to the ground, yet.
It didn't take much in elevation to make a difference. The farther we went, the more we knew we had to run around. We only made it to 5,000 ft. Donner pass still lay before us at . And the downhill grade from Donner Pass into the truckee area is a dangerous, slippery path.
Thankfull the groom sent us a text and cancelled for the day.
We saw a sign for an exit, but couldn't see the actual road until we had passed it. We were creeping, so Aaron pulled over, and backed up a little until we could cross over to the off ramp. No one had driven on it since the snow started, it was God acting as chains to get us through the snow and across the bridge and back on the freeway with out incidence.

We cheered when the road was just wet again, we gave God praise when the snow turned back to rain. It was truly beautiful to see the snow, to see the mountains once again blenketed. But it is not fun to drive in it in a flatlander car.

We love the foothills where we live. Just enough hills, just enough snow, and a ton of beauty. Perfect.

We will attempt the trip again next week.

Weather permitting.

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