Monday, May 23, 2011


The cherry trees are loaded, still green, but loaded. I looked in the cupboard to take inventory. Now that there is new produce on the horizon, I don't need to protect what exists quite so heavily...or do I?

I walked out into the yard to inspect our trees.
There are only 2 apricots on the entire tree, and they don't look healthy.
I am very sad about this. I was looking forward to new recipes with apricots.
Hopefully I can find someone else with a tree that doesn't use up all their own fruit.

One of the peach trees has issues as well. I will be taking a leaf and one piece of fruit down to a local nursery to help me figure out if there is hope for this tree or not.

I had half my garden cleaned out of weeds when the rains returned, and now the whole thing is covered in them again.

I am a little discouraged about this growing season.
But, the benefits are so worth it. Fresh produce straight from the yard is so wonderful.

Any fabulous gardening tricks or tips out there?
I prefer natural solutions over chemical ones.

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