Tuesday, May 17, 2011

$100 Reminder

Do you love good food?

My friend Tiffany, whom I actually know in the real world, is an amazing cook. She has a passion and a gift for feeding people, which is a good thing in a family of 7!

She is also a blogger. Her new food blog , My Crowded Kitchen is full of delightful family friendly, real food. Beautiful photography, yummy recipes, and Tiff is a funny woman, and isn't afraid to show you blunders, or share funny moments. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL.

She is also giving away $100

To enter go HERE.
Click on her FOLLOW button.
LIKE her on Facebook (not just a post, but her actual FB page)
And leave a comment on the original $100 giveaway post

And tell a friend.
She won't give it away until she has 100 followers! She is trying to build a readership. Trust me, you'll enjoy it, she has great ideas on what to cook for dinner. Fast recipes for those tough nights and seriously, everything is so good. I have personal experience. I have been in that crowded kitchen, many, many times.
Share it on your page as well! It won't get you another entry, but the faster she gets to 100, the faster you might win $100!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well... Are you coming over tonight for dinner or what? Hehe
Thanks for the post! Thanks also for the inspiration. I needed that post today! Long live midnight canners!