Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Vortex of Swirly Destruction

On the second full day of the conference, which was also day three on a technicality, I was excited to be learning the information pouring forth from our instructors. It was seriously a wonderful time and we still had another day left, fabulous! As we closed for lunch I checked my phone and listened to messages. My sweet boys voice checking up on me to see if I was okay was really saying,"I miss you mom and I need to talk to you". So I called Spencer. I could barely hear him because of the noise in the room so I moved into the hallway, reception plummeted and after a few quick sentences with my son the call was lost. I tried calling him back but I could tell he was trying to call me.

i found myself at the restroom door. I placed my phone in the pocket of my shirt, the kind like a hoodie sweatshirt has that both hands can be in together and entered the restroom. Now this building we were meeting in was owned by, and built by a building company. It has impressive building concepts and photos on the walls, and well built, very nice bathrooms. These bathrooms included industrial level vortex toilets. You know the ones, water source in the wall, stick flushing handle, vortex speed water swirling. I usually flush such toilets with my foot. This is an important thing to remember.

I took care of business and snapped my jeans closed and REACHED to flush the handle. As I pulled back my hand something caught my eye, a black rectangle, and in less than half second it was flushed away. It took a moment to process. I just watched my phone get flushed down the toilet....just like that.If I had blinked I wouldn't know where my phone was at all! I paused for a moment, hoping it would reappear at the pipe.
It didn't.
I was even more impressed with the builders.

I called out my friends name that had been in the room with me moments before, she was already gone. i rushed out into the hallway, found her and told her to go stand in the stall and not let anyone use it. She did! Just like that, she didn't even ask why. I love her deeply for this and I will remember this for when my husband asks me to do something. Don't question, just do.

I found someone that works in the building, told her my tail and she took down my name and asked for my number, which made me laugh. "I won't be able to answer it you know". I gave her the number of a friend at the conference and we put a "do not use" sign on the door of the stall. She was going to call a plumber in case it was stuck in the curve.

No ladies, well, really, anyone. If there is a "Do Not Use" sign on a stall door, DO NOT USE IT. I will say that the first person we say come out of that stall later in the day was from another country. I don't know what happened after that, but everyone decided it was okay to use and tore down the sign. So another tip, just because it flushes once, doesn't mean it's okay to use!!! For all those women knew it could have been leaking water into the drywall or something. I just can comprehend it. I found the lady who works there again and we put up another sign. She tried taping the door, but I should her how the lock it from the outside. She went to find a screwdriver, or in her case, a butter knife. While she was gone I used another stall. When she returned and locked it I overheard another women ask what the issue was, she answered, " some woman flushed her phone down the toilet". i laughed and defended myself, yelling from another stall, "I Didn't do it on purpose!! It was a total accident!"

Seriously, who would do it on purpose?
i am not overly upset, I mean, what can you do but laugh?
The only sad thing is I lost an entire memory card of photos. But, that's okay.

What's the weirdest way you have lost a phone?

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