Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Return to Gratitude

This week, a list of things I am thankful for, even though it seems obscure.

1. I am thankful my husband became injured. I am not thankful he was ever in pain, don't get me wrong. This injury set us straight to what is important, what isn't, and WHO is. It gave us more time together, and we realized how much we love hanging with each other.I mean, we married each other because we like each other, because we like hanging out with each other.

2. That I became ill. Again, I am not glad to be dealing with something, BUT, it showed me where I still have problems trusting God and where I need to let it go. It showed me how to deepen my faith in healing as well. It also helped me find a medical profession I actually like and trust.

3. I am thankful that my phone disappeared during the conference I was attending. I am not exactly sure why yet, but I know it will be good. It has been a hilarious story to tell, and makes people laugh, and that's always a good thing.

Oh wait, I haven't told you the story yet, that's for tomorrow.

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