Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Work, Work , Work.....YAY!

Aaron, with new boot in place, has been given permission to work again. He still has to be careful, can't haul any of his own gear, has to elevate, and not over do it. That last one is of course the hardest for his personality and this type of career.

OH, and he can't drive yet. in fact, for anything longer than a couple minutes it's still painful to ride in the front seat. So I am his driver, and his roadie. This means I get to go to all his gigs....but wait, this means I HAVE to go to all his gigs too. Even the ones that are a couple hours away, in smoke filled casinos, on a Saturday night, and drive us home at 2am or later...and get up and help him get ready (I don't mind, I love him) and get us both to church by 7:10am, to set up his gear and be ready to sing.

This brought slight panic for me.
I need sleep.
Aaron can run on little sleep, he seems to simply need less than the average person. Not me. Plus I am worried about sitting in smoke and then trying to sing.

By the grace of God we will survive this too. I am not complaining, just trying to figure it all out. My husband works hard for the money (so hard for it honey, so I better treat him right). I will need extra strength, and naps, to help him continue to do so.

A glimpse of part of the new set up:

Although you can't see it all...he is playing a keyboard and a bass at the same time, while singing. Crutches in background and a special pillow for the foot.

Fun times!

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Thany said...

He's always been the most awesome Balckman Rock Star!!