Monday, March 7, 2011

Safe Steps

Life is moving along again. Of course it never stops, just slows down, speeds up, or dramatically changes. Aaron is sporting a new ortho boot thingy, which makes somethings much easier,like putting on pants, and showering, but not in that order. It also gives him moments of sheer panic, there is serious comfort in knowing that the foot/heel won't move in the wrong direction, that it is safe.

But safe isn't always good.

He has to test his flexibility when the boot is off. he has to push his limit of comfort...just the tiniest bit, nothing drastic (yet) to enable him to keep healing in the right direction.

Sounds like real life to me.
We have to step out in faith, step out of our safe little world to heal from past wounds and move forward. God is kind, encouraging us to gently go beyond our comfort zone.

Sometimes it may hurt a little.

But only for a moment.

Healing takes time, and breakthrough, and support, and stepping out in faith at some point (not yet for Aaron) that we are ready for the next bigger thing.

I am getting ready for my next bigger thing.
I have to put away old ways of doing things. I have to step out of my safe boot, and onto possibly hard, cold floors, but it will be so worth it.

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Thany said...

With all of the gifts and talents God has given you, anything He lays to be your path will be amazing. I love seeing Him use you and if He has more for you on the way, I look forward to that too!!