Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Mouth, Big AHA!

While waiting for Aaron's surgery to be over I sat in a small waiting area with several people all from one family waiting for the matriarch's surgery to be started. It was apparently a very serious surgery, perhaps something to do with the heart. During our wait some came and went and a young member came to wait as well. She was probably 3. She spoke very well, but was petite, and various aunties and uncles commented on how much she was talking now.

It was non-stop chatter.

They joked about finding the off switch, or the battery compartment.

She was in fact delightful, and lightened the mood in the room. At one point she started asking me questions:
What's your name?
What are you doing?
Why are you still here? (the Dr. had spoken to me).
Where's your baby?

And then the grand daddy question that caught me off guard, kicked me in the pants, woke me up, had Angels singing in a glorious "AHA!" moment.

She sweetly asked, "What's a miracle?"

And I looked into her eyes and said, "When something truly amazing happens"

I paused before I said it. i wasn't sure how this large family would respond to me answering such a question to a small child.

What i truly believe and thought of a few minutes later is this:
A miracle is when something really amazing happens by the hand of God.

I am expecting miracles.

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