Friday, January 14, 2011

Must. Type.Faster.

Although I have a part time job, things are tight and I am always looking for a little something more. A position opened up in our county system, it seemed perfect. Great hours, part time, but with some benefits, and close to home. I was very excited at the possibility.
There was an issue though. You had to turn in a certificate of a specific typing speed. The speed was just a tiny bit higher than I know I can type while copying.

You see, I am a self taught typist. I do not have my fingers in the right places, I know it. I can type without looking at the keyboard, and I can type really fast if I am creating something myself.
Now obviously, this sets up a bit of a problem. So I went online and did a free wpm test. I tried several times, and the test anxiety was terrible. I started doubting myself and my ability. It was very frustrating. I was within a couple words of the proper speed, but just couldn't get it quite fast enough.

I decided to brush up on the basics, and went through some lessons to try and improve.
Funny thing, I didn't improve at all, in fact, I declined in speed. It was a terrible feeling.
I was so frustrated. Aaron and I discussed the matter. I would have to pay to take the certificate test, in which I would panic, and even at my top speed so far, I would still be uner the required speed.

So I chose to set it all aside and not go for the job.

This isn't a story about how I over came the test anxiety, or still got the job.
Not at all.
This is a story about God's grace.

Today I was chatting with someone who knows people in that office. Morale is low, things are not healthy, and I would have walked right into it. God knew better and protected me.

I could add this event in my "I failed" catagory....or
I could add it to the "God knows better" list.

I choose the latter.

Take a moment and think of events in your life, and if necessary, flip over how you view them.
We will never know all the details while we are here on earth. We will never know how a 2 minute conversation with someone will possibly impact their life later down the road, but we matter, events matter, even when we think it's all stinky.

Right in this moment, I am thankful I can't speed type.

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Thany said...

I love that God knows better.....