Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Bowl Full Of Dirt.

A request has been made for dirt cake for Sunday's spectacular 21st birthday celebration.
Well, I should say, I have one request for "Dirt Cake", which is really more of a pudding dessert, and one request for Farrell's "Zoo", which is something like 54 scoops of all the different flavors of ice cream, smothered with toppings and little plastic zoo animals. The girls recently found a photo from their 3rd birthday standing in front of said ZOO. Needless to say it is a yummy sort of thing, but not easily re-created in a home setting.

Back to dirt.
I have found a variety of recipes with all the basic same ingredients. We found a lovely blue plastic flower pot in which to make the creation, and quality gummy worms will be purchased soon.

It just makes me kinda laugh.

Welcome to full adulthood, here's your dirt and your worm.
I suppose it's better than trying to get the worm at the bottom of a bottle...

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