Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blue Screen of Death

Is it possible to get the blue screen of death on one's brain?

I tend to think that it is possible, although, not a true blue screen, as it is usually temporary.

I don't know about your month of December, but mine was jammed packed, to the gills.

Visitors, overtime, huge benefit concerts, parties, gatherings,travelling, lots of food, laughter, celebration and fun.

My last house guest leaves today.
It was a joy having him with us, as were all my guests.

I will put away the christmas ornaments, lights and decor.
I will reassemble the house.
And then Sunday...
I will celebrate being a mom for 21 years.

21 years ago I gave birth to twins, changing forever my view of life, my selfish , self serving purposes and my heart....all for the better.

Life since then has not always been easy, or smooth, or the way I expected it to be.
I have learned to give up control, my will, my desires.
I have learned to trust in a loving God that knows better, and has a better way for me to live.

I am celebrating that we are all still alive and healthy, and that's truly something worth celebrating.

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Karen said...

Happy "Birth" day to the mom. I think she's the one who should get the presents.
Happy New Year