Sunday, January 30, 2011

75 Years Young

I attended a very special birthday party for a dear friend that turned 75. Many wonderful people were there, including most of his kids. His wife gave a wonderful account of his life through the years, which did not include her until recently. They have been married for 8 years, but have a shared daughter who is 45. A too young woman made a hard choice to give up a baby for adoption, so that the child could have a better life. It was the right choice. That daughter grew up in a loving family. The young woman that gave her up went on to eventually marry and had more children. Things didn't work out perfectly, and things were hard and eventually she was a widow.
The adopted daughter's dad, years later as well, also lost his spouse.

The adoted daughter as an adult, perhaps around age 30, sought out her birth mom, found her, and several years later, her birth mom and her adoptive dad get married.

How crazy is that? How wonderful is that?
God works out some amazing things.

Person after person stood up today honoring this amazing man.
He has become a father figure for so many that never had a good one.
He has counseled, and taught, and helped, and sheparded many. His heart is huge, and his sense of humor keen. As a couple they help the homeless and reach out to those that are lonely.

His kids all spoke, and there were no dry eyes.
Again, this was not a charmed perfect life, just a life that always (even if it took awhile) came back to God.

It is an honor to know them, and I just wanted to share with you  that honorable people still exist, and that God works out the most interesting plans, even if they take 37 years(or more) in the making.


Heather said...

What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing this miracle with us.

Junia said...

Thank you dear one for sharing our story. We do every chance we get. Thank you for your kind words. I just read them to my beloved and he was blessed by them too. How very lovely my friend. Yes, God is amazing and I thank him everyday for my good good life.