Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful Thirteen

Things I am thankful for, all starting with "TH".

No Particular order.

1. Thanksgiving. I do not celebrate when the pilgrims did this or that way back when, even though that is why the holiday started. They made mistakes, based on interesting, and wrong information and translation of God's real word, just like so many other cultures have been persecuted or wronged. It's part of the history of people. You put 2 people together there will be 3 opinions, and someone might end up dead...why am I saying all this in a thankful list? Well, I want to make it clear: I celebrate Thanksgiving because it is an open praise offering to the God of the universe for the blessings I have in my life. Everyday I breathe is one more day I can thank Him. Thanksgiving day is supposed to be a day set aside to do so, and yes, there is good and usually abundant food involved. It is not a day for gorging and drunkeness, it isn't supposed to be about football or planning your black Friday shopping trip.  It supposed to be full of gratitude, your family (blood related or not) and yes, fun. A joyful time.

2. Thankfulness. As many of you know, gratitude cleansed me of depression, and so much more. A thankful heart is a happy heart. (Thank you veggie Tales).

3. Theology. The study of the nature of God and religious truth; rational inquiry into religious questions. I am thankful for the freedom to study God in the open, not hidden in a cellar, r only at 3am in a field.

4. Theos. Greek for God. I am so very thankful for God, and that I know Him.

5. Thermos. Specifically memories of. When I was a kid, i loved my lunchboxes, and their matching thermoses. I don't remember them all, but I remember snoopy, it was yellow, and it kept my milk cold...or my chili hot. Thank you thermos, I miss you.

6. Thrill rides. Roller coasters are fun. Period. Love them. Thankful for the genius engineers that design them and keep us safe on them. Have you ever seen footage of old time carnival rides? People spinning until they fly OFF THE RIDE? No thanks.

7. Theater. Live theater. I have Danny K stuck in my head from White Christmas singing "Choreography", but I digress. I attended a performing arts high school, and continued performing on stage, well until recently. I usually sing now instead of act. Being part of theatrical productions is wonderful, love it all I am thankful for the opportunities I had, for the roles I was able to perform, for the scripts I was able to co-write, the props I made (big red), and of course, the chance to direct....mistakes and all.

8. Thread. It leads to material, and sewing, which leads to clothing. YAY CLOTHING. I appreciate clothing. I appreciate other people COVERED in clothing. I especially appreciate it when it's cold . And it's so much better than fig leaves or fur.

9. Thinking thoughts. Aren't brains amazing? All the thoughts racing through there at the same time rarely crashing into one another? I am thankful for a sound mind.

10. Thingamajig. I use this word a lot. And strangely enough, most people know what I am talking about. "You know, that thingamajig that wraps around that other whachamacallit.

11. Thighs. Not necessarily the size of them, but thighs are a good thing. They do the work on stairs, they create a lap for small children and babies, and if you work them, since they are a large muscle group, they burn a higher rate of calories. I am thankful for all these facts.

12. Theory. Music theory. It's it's own language, and it's complex, and well beyond my current level of knowledge regarding music. I am thankful for the amazing creation that it is, what it represents and what it can be., i am also thankful that my husband is so gifted in it.

13. Thai food. Oh my, it is so yummy, so delightful, so layered with flavors. It is the top of my restaurant wish list.(to eat out, not own). Don't be afraid. Talk to someone you trust and step out for a new discovery.

Thank you for reading this thankful thirteen.
What are you thankful for?


Missy Shell said...

In keeping with your TH list, two things come to mind.

1. Thimbles. I spent a lot of time playing with the thimbles from grandma's sewing kit when I was young.

2. Thunder. Love me a good thunder storm!

Sooz said...

Okay, I'll try th...

how about: therapist, as in massage therapist? :-)

Thany said...

What about THANY?! ;)

I am thankful for.....being a THESPIAN!!