Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful on Thanksgiving

What an idea! Be thankful on this, the day titled "Thanksgiving". LOL

I am thankful for today because of:
1. Laughter, perhaps a little extra.
2. Turkey
3. Pumpkin soup
4. Family all together.
5. Extra family joining us.
6. Time to reflect.
7. Mashed potatoes.
8. Sweet potatoes.
9. Time for prayer, and true thankfulness.
10. Pumpkin pie.
11. Cranberry sauce. I truly love the stuff. I am thankful for this day because we get to eat it, Yes, I know, I can by it and save it, or even make my own anytime of year, but today is THE day. Aaaahhhh yes.
12. Gravy. So bad for you, but so yummy. Today is the day for gravy too.
13. Whipped cream.
14. Full tummies.
15. Nap time.
16. Togetherness. I know some families struggle terribly to be on the same room together. Some families are simply too busy. I am thankful to be together with whomever is around for the day.
17."Magic salad" , my sister makes this. Aaron loves it. Although we won't be with my sister, i will try to re-create this for him, because I love him. I am thankful she will share the recipe with me.
18. Family game time.
19. Everybody cleans's nice that more people help clean up today.
20. Turkey sandwiches.
21. Turkey soup.
22. Turkey Burritos or tacos.
23. Turkey with eggs.
24. Turkey with pasta.
25. A day set aside for the very thing that changed my life for good.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


Sooz said...

Friends, Family, and Furry creatures running around the house.


Missy Shell said...

Friends like you, who remind me to be thankful even when things are hard. I love you!

Thany said...

Thankful for the GLP as guys make my life happy.