Friday, November 19, 2010

Take a Pinch of This, and a Little Bit of That.

Nineteen ingredients of thankfulness.
This is like a game. I am ever so thankful for all the things listed, but even more so when they are put together into one recipe.

1. Yeast. Why is your bread fluffy? Yeast.

2. Water. We certainly all need it.

3. Sugar. SWEET.

4. Vegetable oil. Fat carries flavor, and makes things moist.

5. Salt. I have a friend that recently read "The History of Salt" , it is actually quite fascinating.

6. Flour. Oh the goodness of wheat.

7. Tomato sauce, tangy goodness

8. Mozzarella. Fresh is so very wonderful.

9. Ricotta.

10. Garlic. For health, for flavor, for oomph.

11. Onion. Grilled with #12 is best.

12. Ground meat (turkey or beef or sausage).

13. Spinach.

14. Oregano

15. Basil

16. Parmesan cheese, mmmmm Cheese Gromit

17. Pepperoni

18. Egg

19. Love.:)

Okay....what is it?

My family is very thankful for it.
Many of my friends are too.
Some ingredients vary, but this is the standard version for us.

What favorite family recipe are you thankful for?


Missy Shell said...

No idea what your recipe is...

Our family favorite is pasties. Good, Cornish (from Cornwall, not corn) mining food. Granddad and Great Granddad took them down into the mines for many, many years. On a cold winter night, they hit the spot like nothing else!

Sooz said...

looks like it could be a calzone. Whatever it is it sounds yummy!

Thany said...

I want to Google "pasties" to see what Michelle is talking about but I am afraid what the results will be.

Pizza? Calzone like Sooz said?
Oh yummy.