Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sixteen, Seventeen, Thirtythree HUT!

16 + 17 things I am thankful for. No particular order, no particular theme.

1. Animated movies. (See tomorrows post for details)

2. People with Bobcats and Septic know how (oh yeah, it's getting interesting around here)

3. The warmer weather the last few days, it means we didn't use any propane for heating, YAY!

4. The weather about to happen. Might snow a little bit up the hill from us(they say just 500 feet above us). I know everyone complains, but it's still so lovely and delightful to me.

5. Butternut squash, fresh from a friends garden.

6. Butternut squash soup for dinner. Already smells so yummy.

7. A stocked pantry. So many never know what they are going to eat. We are having a tight month, but due to some great deals through couponing I have food available. I am so very thnakful. It might not always be what you want to eat, but it's food just the same.

8. God working through friends lives. His hand print on even scary events.

9. A network of people that truly know how to love.

10. Paperclips. Random I know, but what a clever little thing.

11. Office supplies in general.

12. My red Swingline Stapler, from home.

13. Speaking of red. My living room curtains.

14. Early Christmas presents, thank you very much Alyssa.

15. Annie Lenox, her voice is wonderful.

16. Guidance. In the form of good people or books, to help get you through stuff.

1. Pudding pops. So creamy and delightful.

2. Cumin. Savory, spicy, warm cumin.

3. Trader Joe's. Thank you Trader Joe's for good deals on healthy choices.

4. Chris. Jenelle's boyfriend.

5. Dustin. Alyssa's boyfriend.

6. I am thankful that they both have a boyfriend at the same time. Seriously.

7. Financial aid. So my girls can attend college.

8. Operation Christmas Child. We are filling up a shoebox for a little boy somewhere in the world that has so very little. It's fun, and makes a difference.

9. Compassion International. There are other good groups that help make a difference in childrens lives all over the world.

10. Dollar Tree.

11. Reading glasses from said Dollar tree.

12. I am thankful for good news. Tell me something GOOD today.

13. Modern dentistry.  Aaron is having 2 wisdom teeth pulled on Monday, we are both very happy for modern techniques in this field.

14. Pain relievers. Isn't nice that we don't have to chew on a bitter leaf to get pain relief?

15.  Flash drives. What a fabulous tiny devise!

16. My mother in laws car. We will have to give it back, but I am so very, very thankful for that car right now.

17. I am thankful my internet is working today. We of course can live without it, as in, stay alive. But we are dependent on it for work, and obviously fun. It is mind blowing how often we just look stuff up, and communicate with friends. Shake things up a bit, CALL someone, write them a  letter on real paper, and send it with a stamp! :)

Let me know what you are thankful for today. It lifts my spirits to see what other people share.



Missy Shell said...

Two things come to mind:

1. I'm thankful that John had good coaches this year. Not just good in the technical sense, but good men. That's huge.

2. I'm thankful that even though it was a few bucks extra, I sprung for the matching return address labels with the new checks that I just got. I'll be delighted every time I use them.

Heather said...

Oh, yes, I am definitely with you on Financial Aid and modern dentistry! (I've had so much dental work done that I would be toothless by now if I lived a hundred years ago...) Oh, and Dollar Tree and pain relievers, too! I agree with pretty much your entire list!

And I'm also thankful that the hubs is finally out of a cast and that the car not starting this morning turned out to be a simple fix!

Sooz said...

I'll go with:

1. the snow storm coming this weekend.
2. a house with heat.
3. Nieces who love Harry Potter as much as I do.