Sunday, November 7, 2010

Seven on Sunday

Seven wonderful things I am thankful for regarding Sundays.

No Particular order.

1. It's the only day of the week I get to see the sunrise. (Don't hate me). So on the one hand, YAY,there is a beautiful site, so lovely and a nice reminder of God's handy work and renewal each day. One the other hand, Yippy! i only have to be up this early once a week, so it makes it super special to witness. :)

2. Singing praises to a most worthy God. Please understand, i sing all week. I sing to God all week too. Sunday's I get to not only help other reach true heart worship, but I get to sing with so many beautiful worshipers. When we are all together, praising, it is refreshing, renewing, uplifting, amazing. I feel God's presence in the room. I can see His love at work, healing people, touching their lives. It's such an honor to be part of it all.

3. Learning. We have sound teaching by dynamic pastors. Biblical principals are certainly something to be thankful for, as well as qualified, anointed people to help guide you to them.

4. Day of Rest. The Lord rested on the seventh day of the week. He did it, he expects us to do it too. What a blessing!

5. Stepping out of my comfort zone, in a safe environment, with supportive people at hand. Okay, I am a very friendly person, I can laugh and be fun, but I get shy and weird when meeting new people. I am working on over coming this issue, and thankfully I have loving people around me on Sundays to stand with me as I reach out and say hi, and shale hands and make sure new people know we are happy they are with us, because I am happy they are there. It's a stretch for me to be so bold, but I am getting better.

6. AWANA. For us AWANA meets on Sundays. I am thankful for such a wonderful program for kids. Learning Bible verses, and character building, plus crazy games, great stuff. It also creates a mini date time for my honey and I when he(we don't) doesn't have a gig.

7. Today is Sunday, the seventh. Seven has significant meaning in the Biblical terms, it is the number of perfection, completion. I think it's totally cool that this month it fell on a Sunday.

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