Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Sunday

14 things I am thankful for on the 14th.

No Particular Order.

1. Thrift stores. Many people can't fathom buying a used item. I respectfully say, that's okay, we are all different. I don't buy underwear or anything. Many times the items I buy are brand new with the tags still on. I recently found a thrift store with killer prices, and it makes me happy that my new favorite shirt cost 80 cents.

2. Sunshine streaming through fall colored leaves.

3. Selling one of my scarves yesterday.

4. Finding a hurting friend still finding Joy in the little things.

5. The thought of decorating for Christmas.

6. Finding more money to go towards Aaron oral surgery, that I already made the appointment for in faith. We are a cash paying family, and God is good. This is a super lean month for us, and yet I just knew it would be okay.

7.  I am thankful for God's hand of protection Friday night in a near accident. It could have been really bad, and I am the one that would have been crunched the most. Thank you Lord for sparing all of us that night.

8. Good friendships for our son.

9. Southern hospitality from the family of said good friend. We simply show up to pick him up, and they fed us a really good dinner. That's simply wonderful. I am thankful to know them.

10. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows on a cold morning.

11. Pumpkin cookies with just a little orange glaze.

12. Prophetic art.

13. Encouraging words.

14. Major work projects being completed. (yahoo!)

May your day be filled with wonderful things you can be thankful for.
Share with me, what are you thankful for?


Missy Shell said... it too early to start? :-)

Sooz said...

there are some real treasures to be found at thrift stores, which is half the fun!

Thany said...

I really should thrift more......