Wednesday, November 24, 2010


24 movies I am thankful I got to see, on the big screen
In general I am thankful for movies. They are entertaining, and fun, or moving or thought provoking. Some movies are just better BIG, in surround sound, in the darkness...and a big tub of popcorn doesn't hurt either.

1-6. Star Wars
7-9. Indiana Jones
10-12. Matrix
13-15. Pirates of The Carribean
16. The Lion King..I saw this in San Diego on a GIANT screen that doesn't exist anymore. It was amazing.
17. Trouble in Paradise, 1934.
18. The Muppet Movie. My sister took my brother and I to go see it with her then very young daughter Nikki, who the very next day broke out with chicken pox. David and I broke out 2 weeks later, as we left for a camping vacation. YAY. Even with this turn of events, I stilled loved the movie and  was so very thankful to have seen it on the big screen.
19. Fantastik Mr. fox
20-21. LOTR, Return of The King, Two Towers
22. Prince of Egypt
23. Die Another Day
24. Despicable Me

What movie are you thankful that you got to see it on a big screen?


Missy Shell said...

I'm with you on Star Wars, Indy and LOTR.

Casino Royale maybe? Daniel Craig on the big screen....

Braveheart and Gladiator.

Sooz said...

on the big screen....hmmmm....Harry Potter 1-7, Wedding Crashers & Hangover (I laughed SO hard at both of those)