Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nine on Tuesday

A completely random list of things I am thankful for on this day, November 9th.

No particular order.

1. Portable oil filled heaters. Apparently these are extremely cost effective and do a good job. We will find out next week. Last year we used an electric portable heater in the music studio, and our electric bill more than doubled. OUCH. We asked around, did some research and settled on this radiator looking heater. We are thankful there were other option available rather than a0 freezing, b0 using that energy hog again, or c0 tent heaters or installing a wood burning stove and finding wood.

2. Good customer service. I bought a bag of fun size Almond Snickers last month. Upon opening one realized they had been mutilated in transport. Looked melted then chilled to cold, and flat. I contacted the company and they responded kindly back, asked for specific information so they could track how it was shipped to the store, and then sent me coupons to replace the bag, plus bonus coupons for other products as well. The  representative was kind and well spoken. I am thankful that some companies still get it.

3. Pumpkin season. I think I might have said this in a post last month, but I really, really love pumpkin baked goods, pumpkin flavor in my Chai tea...oh yum.

4. Bright skies, chilly air. We are in a gap in my neck of the woods. The rain isn't constant yet, and the air is chilly. It makes it delightful around here.

5. The changing leaves, like firworks going off everywhere.

6. Friends asking for prayer.I am thankful they trust me enough to reach out to me. I am thankful that when I can't help them in any other way, I can pray for them.

7. Prayer. The most powerful thing I can do here on earth. I have been learning a great deal about it. It is eye opening and life changing. God waits for us to call on Him, He has mighty plans for us, the world, but He is waiting for us to call upon Him to release some things. Sure He could do it without us...but then what about free will? It's like having something for a child that is just too stubborn to ask for it (or help). I am thankful for direct communication with God.

8.  Soft things to sit upon. As I realize where I am currently sitting is not a soft place, I am thankful I have one elsewhere in my house.

9. A house. I know that even though we complain sometimes about not enough space, that truly we are blessed like crazy for the house we get to live in. When I compare to the standard level of living of so many other places in the world, we have it really , really good.


Missy Shell said...

Leaves change color? Who knew? :-) (I'll bet it's gorgeous up there!)

Sooz said...

I did the math - by the end of November you will have listed 465 things you are thankful for. Wow! Do you think it will get hard to come up with things at some point? I bet not for you.