Monday, November 22, 2010

Mffph pfeef hurp

Things I am thankful for in honor of my husband's oral surgery today.

No Particular order.

1. Strong pain relievers.
2. Miracle money.
3. Being "put under". We have a friend that had her wisdom teeth taken out while awake, no thanks.
4. Big pillows.
5. Movies and TV shows on DVD. During recovery it is important to have something to sleep in front of.
6. A flexible schedule. We have flexible work schedules, which makes it easier to plan such events. We'd rather not have events like this, but they happen...
7. A covering of prayer. He is so prayed for he should be healed and ready for action about a half hour after they finish.
8. Target Pharmacy. Seriously the best prices on RX meds.
9.  Close parking.
10. Helpful Assistants. I am sure they have a formal title, but they were all nice and the one helping us out to the car and with instructions was very pleasant and wonderful.
11. Texting, to let everyone know how is is doing at the same time.
12. Cottage Cheese, with peaches
13. Greek style yogurt (loaded with more protein and less sugar)
14. Apple sauce
15. Protein powder
16. Smoothies
17. Pasta
18.Gauze padding.
19. Ice packs
20. Frozen peas
21. Quiet days at home.
22. I am thankful it wasn't snowing today. That would have made this harder.In fact, it wasn't even raining while we were out, so that's also something to be thankful for.

Be thankful you didn't have oral surgery today, just a few days before Thanksgiving too!
What are you thankful for today?

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Heather said...

I'm glad he's home and resting now! Hopefully he won't have to eat his turkey through a straw... :)

When he's not as sleepy, he might find this post at Hyperbole and a Half amusing:

Hope he feels better soon!