Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kitchen Wonderment

People all over the world cook with only a pot and a stick, or wooden spoon. I fully realize how blessed we are here. I have a fully operating kitchen, WITH FOOD. We went through a time when we truly had no money, and we did receive food from outside help, we did. I know I haven't shared that, but it's the truth. It was only a short lived amount of time, we didn't make it a lifestyle. I just wanted to take a moment to point out to all of you reading this on a computer, run by electricity, probably while you drink coffee or something how immensely blessed we are in America and other countries around the world. This list is absolutely the truth, I appreciate each and everyone of these things in my kitchen, I DO, but I never lose sight of the fact that we have so much.
These lists have softened my heart, and opened my eyes to just how plentiful my life is. I hope you take a moment to thank the creator of the universe for all you do have.

So back to this FUN list...

1. Running water. Specifically out of a faucet that is one of those hosed handle deals. I don't even know the name, but I have installed one in every house I owned, and was so very happy to see the house we are currently renting already had one.

2. Gas stove. I like cooking with gas (HA!).

3. Ice maker. I don't have one, which makes me appreciate them even more.

4. Kitchen Aid  stand mixer. I love this wonderful red machine, plus it was a gift from a wonderful friend.

5. Dishwasher....imagine angels singing here "aaaahhhhhhhh"!

6. Knives. Good knives, SHARP knives.

7. Veggie/potato peeler.

8. Can opener, hand version.

9. Grater, for cheese and more.

10. Garlic peeler. This is a tube thingy that you roll the garlic cloves in and they come out naked, it's easy to clean and compact and I love it.

11. Measuring cups and spoon, I think I used this before, so I'll add, I like my adjustable ones, and I love my sliding one that's good for gooey stuff like peanut butter and honey.

12.Pots and pans. We have a fabulous smaller frying pan perfect for eggs, they never stick.My most used pan is a 12" skillet with straight sides and a lid. I cook nearly everything in it dinner wise. I do have a fabulous stock pot too, and now I have a canning pot, which is really important.

13. Rice cooker, because I was really bad at making rice without it, it's sad, I know. I love that all I have to do is press the button, and my rice is great.

14. Crock pot. I don't know why I resisted them for so long. It is such a wonderful thing to come home to dinner hot and ready when you have to work or be gone all day.

15. griddle. I have one for on top of the stove and an electric one. There is really nothing better for making pancakes or grilling sandwich rolls.

16. Wisk, slotted spoons, wooden spoons and spatulas. I have 2 favorites, I am sure you have your favorite too.

17. Canning tools. Magnetic wand, grabbing thingamabob and gap measurer.

18. Blender

19. Toaster, love my red Duelit, a wedding present from my brother, still going strong. We LOVE toast.

20. Refrigerator/freezer. Beats ice blocks and ice chests, or rotten foods.

Now see what I mean. We have so much.
What are you most thankful for in your kitchen? It could be your tupperware, or your grandma's handed down recipes, doesn't matter.

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Missy Shell said...

The microwave; I get annoyed that it takes up so much counter space, but it really does make reheating left-overs easy.

I'd trade my electric stove for a gas stove in a heartbeat!

My holiday dishes; currently my everyday dishes are stored and the holiday dishes are in the cabinet. They make me happy.