Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glorious 30 on Tuesday

As of this list I have shared 465 things I am thankful for. Gratitude is such a beautiful thing. Calms the spirit, revives the heart, heals the soul, and brings joy into your life.
Remember what you have, don't dwell on what you don't, or what's wrong in your life. Focus on the good, let's change the world from self centered misery, to selfless Joy.

This is a somewhat random list of moments from this year that I am so very thnakful for.
No particular order.

1. My son, while waiting for a guest to arrive to our house, said, "Tell me when I should move my personal affects to the other room".
2. A new song, "My Mighty King" by LouAnn Lee off her newest album "Hide Myself In You", it's marvelous.
3. My dad's amazing recovery from  melanoma removal from his lip. He can still play trombone and trumpet, and that's a pretty big deal.
4. My niece Nikki's wedding and marriage to Brian. It was beautiful and wonderful, and fun.
5. My daughters success in school this year. I love watching them grow and learn and figure out who they are.
6. Aaron's amazing recovery from having his wisdom teeth out last week.
7. Bethany's birthday brunch. I was able to travel and be part of it, stay with Michelle,  and hang out with Bethany as she recovered from surgery the following day.
8. Driving a loaned Volvo for most of the year. This car has been such a blessing, I am so grateful for the opportunity.
9. I am employed.
10. I love my job.
11. A trip to the cabin, and my whole family got to go. It was a rare moment, and it was wonderful.
12. A trip to Idaho with a good friend on the road to visit another good friend.
13. Another trip to Idaho, this time with my hubby too! A real vacation, it was so nice.
14. An overnight stay away from home for just me and my hubby at a lovely B & B up in the mountains managed by a wonderful couple. It was delightful.
15. No injuries and only minor damage from the deer that ran into our car while on that trip (14).
16. Protection a few weeks ago on a rainy night when someone did something dangerous with their SUV, that momentarily trapped my car between said SUV and another SUV...God moved in that moment and I was safe. I would have completely broad sided the SUV.
17.  Jobs for both my daughters.
18. Miracle after miracle financially this year.
19. When I slipped on the mud last week I didn't drop the tray of food I was carrying on the way to a party, and I only had minor damage to my knee.
20. I am very grateful that my blood pressure is lower than earlier in the year, without meds.
21. For Rita, her willingness to help me when things get tight, and her generosity with her gifts and time. Plus, she is a blast to hang out with.
22. Nancy, for friendship, canning expertise, and such a sweet generous spirit. She is so willing to just share...and the eggs from her family's chickens are wonderful.
23. Deborah, and her opening her home to Nancy and I to play Bananagrams with her, it's a delightful time, with wonderful people, and I feel like my brain isn't so mushy anymore.
24. Each day that I realize more and more that God loves me, and the depth of His grace and mercy.
25. Each day with Aaron, and realizing how deep and true his love is for me and our family as well.
26. Answered prayer. For direction.
27. Moments of deep, hardy laughter. So cleansing.
28. Thanksgiving Dinner this year. It wasn't our normal, but it was relaxed and yummy, and a nice moment to remember.
29. Time in Reno with Susie. It was refreshing and a joy to hang out with her.

30. AKA 465. I want to stop and be grateful for you, all my readers.  I write for the simple pleasure of writing, but seriously, hearing back from you, no matter how often, is such a treat. The friendships I have started from this blog are dear to me.

Thank you for reading. Thankyou for being grateful. Thank you for taking a moment to remember your blessings, to remember anything that is good in your life. Life is full of goodness, and even in the darkest moments, there is still goodness.


Karen said...

you're awesome, good job. Ready for the Christmas season?

Sooz said...

Come back!

Thany said...

Love this!!

(love you)

Missy Shell said...

A most excellent month, my friend!

O Globinho said...

hey...Good News...I think