Thursday, November 4, 2010

Four for 4

There are 5 people that live in my household. Since I am one of them I am going to share why I am so thankful for each of the others.

1. Aaron. Husband extraordinaire. A humble yet greatly talented man of integrity and class. Took on my daughters from a previous marriage as his own, with all the ups and downs that entails. Took on my damage and helped me heal. Stays strong and faithful. And...he's funny, and he loves me. How can a girl not be thankful for all that?

2. Alyssa. First born, even if it was only by 18 minutes. She is spunky, and smart, and talented. She makes me laugh and can, at times, be a super sweet older sister. She has a love for music, and is actually good on guitar, even if she hasn't played for awhile. Her ability in art is starting to really shine, and it's fun to see what she will create next.

3. Jenelle. Currently a super red headed sassy fashion major that also works at Home Depot with knowledge and grace. It's a cool combo. She has a flare for the dramatic, in person and in fashion. She is opinionated and head strong, but could possibly change the world one day. She is sharp, and one day hopes to have her own line of clothes that make normal real people look good.

4. Spencer. He may only be 10, but the kid is brilliant and is polite, considerate and compassionate. He is full of characters and stories for what I hope someday is a book series for kids his age. He loves building with Legos, but also loves to sing, and can harmonize amazingly. He really has an ear. I am thankful for his crazy boy ways, but also his tender heart.

Families come in all sizes and shapes and colors. We take the bad with the good and forgive and grow. It's a journey, that doesn't really have an ending. We will add some new members someday, and sadly lose some others along the way, but we will always be family. I love them and I am thankful for them.

What, or who, are you thankful for?


Nano said...

What a blessing our family members are. Each with their own unique personalities, characteristics, and gifts. God has given each one something to share and contribute, made each one useful for His purpose.

Thany said...

Oh how I love your so so very much!