Monday, November 15, 2010

Fifteen Blogs

Fifteen blogs for which  I am very thankful.

No particular order.

1.  Cakewrecks, make me laugh, I love to laugh...long and loud and clear....

2. Cakewrecks  author has another blog, love it...Epbot

3. Bethany, my dear friend. Writing with flare and humor. Falling Out Of the Wardrobe.

4.  Michelle, another dear friend. Life's keen observations. Snow Falls Up.

5.  Lori. Living in a Fishbowl. She has hilarious little kids, and great writing style.

6.  We Are That Family. She has gone from mom of 3 blogging about misadventures to opening a home for pregnant women in Africa called Mercy House. Kristin is amazing.

7. Stillettos and Grace, Angela is a tiny thrifty fashionista with a heart for God and a voice.

8. Amy, the title should be Adventures with Amy, but it isn't. Funny woman.

9.  Heart to Heart with Holley, inspirational and calm.

10. Beautiful photography, poetic writing of family, life and truth.A Holy Experience.

11.Fragile Flower. I met her, once, and we barely got to speak to each other because we were at opposite ends of a very long table for someone's birthday (Bethany). In those few moments I found her delightful. I like her writing style and family stories as well.

12. Sooz, Facts and Circumstance. She is currently NaBloPoMoing, I hope she keeps writing afterwards.

13. Bake at 350. Yum.

14. A fruitful find. Tiffany started this blog after she was broken of a spending habit and brought to her knees to provide for her family in a more frugal manner. She is a coupon and deal seeking queen.

15.  Heather over at Drivel and Whatnot is a funny woman.  I appreciate her support of my thankfulness through the years and I am glad I "blog met" her.


Lori said...

Ah...thanks! I'm so happy I made your thankful list!

I, personally, am thankful for you!

Heather said...

Thank you so much for putting me on your list! (I'm afraid today's post isn't very funny, so I'll have to hurry and put up another one :)

Sooz said...

Ahh, thanks for the shout out!

Thany said...

Thanks friend!!