Friday, November 12, 2010

Even Dozen

Twelve things I am thankful for...the DOZEN list.

No particular order.

1. Eggs. Eggs are the foundation for so many foods, like baked goods. We need them for  protein and binding properties in recipes. A good omelet also makes my day.

2. Cookies. A baker's dozen is of course 13, BONUS!

3. Cheaper By The Dozen. The original movie is enjoyable. The remake was, well, interesting. Although I do like the line, "You soaked his underwear in meat?". That made me laugh. (so wrong).

4. The Disciples. Jesus chose 12 guys to be his inner circle, his core group, his homeys. These guys went everywhere together, and I bet they goofed off and made jokes, and had fun, Jesus included. God created a sense of humor after all. Twelve is a good size for a Bible study or focus group.

5. Months. One year =a dozen months. Some people may not like counting the years as they go, but we tend to be thankful we are still around to count them.

6. 2 sets of 12 hours., makes a day, unless you are in the military, then its a straight 24 hours.I appreciate my days...I am thankful for each day

7. Roses. While not my favorite flower I would still be so thankful to receive such a gift. It is a beautiful sight to see a glamorous bouquet of a dozen roses.

8. Gross. Now, if you have ever made the mistake of ordering a gross for your kids little birthday party, say from Oriental Trading Co or somewhere, you know it's 144 of something. Did you know there's a "small gross", which is 120?  A gross does come in handy for a wedding , or a company party, and a gross at a discount price, Yes, THANK YOU.

9. The Dirty Dozen. I am not a fan, but I am thankful for dude flicks. Movies make my husband happy. I really appreciate a happy husband.

11. Twelve days of Christmas. The Song. This is a perfect example of a Christmas Carol that people think they know, until they actually sing it.It all gets muddled in the higher numbers, but then, suddenly, everyone joins together "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS", and it makes me giggle just a bit, and I am thankful for the togetherness, and the joy of recollection.

12. Jury of peers. I am thankful for a judicial system. I know it's flawed, and there is some corruption of course, but compared to other countries, where women have no rights, and therefore, punishment is swift, harsh and "legal", well, it's nice to know that even our broken system offers a better chance for someone that's innocent.


Missy Shell said...

I love #11. :-) Especially when the Muppets and John Denver sing it.

Sooz said...

hey, you did 12 on Day 12!