Monday, November 8, 2010

Eight is Great

Eight fabulous things I am thankful for...
I have to say, right now, running through my head, is the number 8 short from Sesame Street. Love it so fact:


2.My birthday. It involves a lot of eights, and frankly I am thankful I have a birthday, without it, I wouldn't be here!!

3. Periodic element #8: Oxygen. Where would we be without it? Dead.

4. I didn't set out to make a list of 8's, honestly, it just seems to be getting out of hand, Crazy Eights! What a fun game that is. Thankful for the time when I was a kid, out with friends in their family's cabin in the desert playing Crazy Eights. Good memories.

5. OOOOOOooooOOOOOOOO! I love this one too!

6. Infinity. Hard to grasp. Many promises of Heaven are based on infinity. It's said we simply don't have the capacity to fully embrace all it's going to be. I am still thankful for even the idea of it. (How did I get here? An eight on it's side is the symbol for infinity)

7. 8 fingers...and 2 thumbs. Currently all working.The health of my hands is important, just ask any of my clients. They can bring healing and relief from the damage of stress, work, and emotional upheaval.  I am thankful to help others. I am also thankful for my hands in general, and all that they help me accomplish, like typing this blog. The shear mechanical genius of design in a hand is mind boggling.

8. Dinner for 8. My table seats 8. Most dishes come in sets of 4 or 8. Four sets of couples, or a mixed group. Enough people to make it lively or interesting, and not so many that you lose someone in the crowd. I don't throw a lot of dinner parties, well, formal ones anyway, and I don't get invited to many of this nature either. But they are something to be thankful for, and to perhaps bring back into style.

I have noticed a great trend across the nation this year. Many people are listed at least one thing they are thankful for on Facebook or other sites. It's not too late to join in.


Sooz said...

I'm very sad that I have no sound on my computer anymore - I LOVE School House Rock! Also dinner for 8!

Thany said...

I am singing both the Sesame Street AND Schoolhouse Rock songs......not a bad ditty to have in my head right before bed!!