Sunday, November 21, 2010

Because Baby, it's Cold Outside

It's cold here. I won't complain because some of you live where it is much, much colder. I'm just saying it's cold. It snowed nearby too, still is, or will be soon....

1. Gloves!
2. Hats
3. Scarves
4. Jackets
5. Ugg (like) boots, which I really wish I was wearing right this minute.
6. Propane stoves/ovens that still work when the electricity is out.
7. Fireplaces.
8. Firewood, which unfortunately we are out of.
9. Socks.
11. Walked into church this morning, it's 30 something outside and the heater is broken!! So I am thankful for people that live very close to church with PORTABLE HEATERS as well. It was a chilly morning message (given with warmth and authority), but not as bad as it could have been.
12. Undershirts, or layers.
13. Shared body heat, sitting near your sweetie, or someone warm, like Spencer, the little heater, is a nice warming devise.
14. Hot tea
15. Or Hot chocolate
16. Coffee. I don't drink it, but I can see that those of you that like it really appreciated it, and I appreciate things that make other people warm and happy. Plus, in a pinch when there is no tea, I can hold a cup of coffee to warm my hands.
17. SOUP. I do beleive it is a soup kind of day.
18. Hot fresh baked bread with that soup, oh yes.
19. Blankets, snuggle time.
20. Movies, to watch while snuggling. Preferably an old one, or perhaps one with warm places in it.
21. Love. Because nothing warms the heart and mind like love.


Sooz said...

And today I'll add gas fireplaces! Both dogs and me have been sprawled out in front of it all day. :-)

Missy Shell said...

This morning it was pouring rain and freezing outside. It was great! The problem is, they over compensated with the heater at church and I was totally sweating all through the service!