Friday, November 26, 2010

Alphabet Soup

26 things I am thankful for, in alphabetical order.

1. Aaron. My husband rocks.
2. Bread. Need I say more?
3. Christmas Carol's. And today is the official start of "The Season" to listen to them. Of course around here, you might hear them any time of year.
4. David. My brother is a cool guy.
5. Ella. Sweet Zablet. What a delight.
6. F--------, my maiden last name. It was weird, and hard to pronounce for some, but unique, I am thankful for it.
7.G-----, my new last name, it's simple and shorter...and connected to my love.
8. Horses. The property I live on has 3 horses currently. I am thankful to get to see them and pet them and interact with them (and not pay to feed them)
9. Ingenuity. So very many other things I am thankful for started with ingenuity of some sort.
10. Jaguars. Such beautiful animals.
11. Kite flying. Good memories.
12. Loretta. My...
13. Mom. :) (She gets two, I am super thankful for her, LOL)
14. Nancy W. She taught me how to can, and is a wonderful and generous friend.
15. Office supply stores.
16. Pineapple. SO GOOD!
17. Quilts. I like how a well loved quilt feels, and the warmth and memories they provide.
18. Richard. My dad. A man with integrity, good work ethics and a strong believer in family ties.
19. Spencer, my son. He delights me, i am so thankful we were blessed with him.
20. Tiffany. Through thick and thin.
21. Umbrellas. They are delightful, useful things, with fun designs and colors.
22. Viola. I am thankful I learned how to play one.
23. Water. Clean water to drink, lovely water to look at, and warm water to be in.
24. Xylophones. really big wooden ones, in an orchestra.
25. You. My reader. I am thankful for you.
26. Zamboni. I used to love it when the ice was just re-surfaced. And what a fun word to say! ZAM BONiiiiiiiiii.

What are you thankful for today?

1 comment:

Sooz said...

My niece's slogan: "Bread, it never lets you down". Such wisdom from a 12 year old.