Saturday, November 27, 2010

27 Sighs of Contentment

Thankful for things that make me sigh with contenment.

No particular order.

1. Clean baby head smell.
2. Baby laughter
3. Baby smiles
4. My husband's eyes when they look at me.
5. A good meal.
6. A gift worth giving. Doesn't it just bless you when you give someone a gift that just makes there day?
7. Well earned ice cream. Waiting for it, working it off before it is eaten...ahhh yes.
8. How deep my heavenly Father's love for me.
9. Effort paying off.
10. Knowing when you really helped someone out
11. Giving, when it's really needed, even if you don't think you really can....
12. A really good cup of tea on a cold day.
13. Finishing a work project, specifically a big one.
14. Petting a happy dog or a purring cat.
15. Waking up after really good,deep, sleep.
16. A cozy fire on a cold night
17. A dip in a pool on a super hot day.
18. Taking ones shoes off after a long day.
19. Watching my kids do something courageous, or selfless.
20. Having my kids really live up to their potential.
21. Biting into a really good strawberry.
22. Hearing the POP sound of a canning jar seal shut.
23. Arriving safely to a far away destination.
24. Having a computer glitch cleared up.
25. Everyone full and happy after Thanksgiving.
26. Having the budget (or checkbook) balance.
27. Finding something that was lost.

A slightly different list. But really that deep satisfaction with something, or someone is something to be truly grateful for.
What sigh are you thankful for today?

1 comment:

Missy Shell said...

An unexpected hug or "I love you" from one of the boys...