Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

Crazy things keep happening around here, like a man going nuts and setting the big mall on fire, followed by a weekend of constant crazy rain and wind.

Here is a list of things I am thankful for because they are stable.

1. My God, stable, ever loving, always there when I call.
2. My Husband, reliable, steadfast, honorable.
3. The craziness of my family, I can always count on the roller coaster that is my family, love it, love them.
4. Worship being healing and lifting me even out of the darkest places.
5. My humaness,I am thankful that I now know, without a doubt, that I am a human, and I will mess up...I can not expect perfection, because it simply isn't possible.
6. Life, time, seasons....everything will keep moving, we will never get stuck in one place forever.
7. Boots. I know, weird one, I don't care what the fashions are for a year, if it's cold, there will always be boots, I love boots, I am so very thankful for them when it gets really cold.
8. Ice Cream. I am very stable in my love and thankfulness for ice cream. :)
9. Sun, moon, stars. Rising, setting, glowing, looking beautiful. Clouds may cover them, but they are still there. Just like God, just because you can't always see Him, or feel Him, doesn't mean he isn't there.
10. Love. Not all love is stable, and many people mess love up all the time. But it is a constant. It is always available, maybe not everywhere you turn to find it, but it is here.

Tell me, what are you thnakful for?


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