Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten On Tuesday, September

Ten things I am thankful for all pertaining to September:

no particular order...

1. The change in the weather. It's true, we might have some really hot days, but over all the temps are dropping, hurray!
2. Harvesting yumminess from the garden, corn, potatoes etc.
3. Start of school, well, technically it started in August, but most people think of September.
4. Soon the leaves will start changing....maybe.
5. Idaho. This might only be on this year's list, but I get to take a trip there again, a nice long one, to refresh, renew and have fun.
6. Spencer's Birthday. I am really thankful for that kid and his 10 years of life blessing us incredibly.
7. I start thinking of more savory foods instead of "It's too hot to cook". I really enjoy cooking, when I am not melting.
8. Getting closer to the Christmas season, but still far enough away that if you have a large family, like mine, you still have time to shop or create.
9. There are at least 7 other birthdays of people I truly adore and am so thankful for their time in my lives...LD, SD, HS, JC, RR, ....
10. Grace. Which has nothing to do specifically with September, but I am thankful for it every month.

What are you thankful for?

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