Thursday, August 26, 2010

You Look Away For One Minute...

Don't turn your back on a zucchini.....or a yellow squash, or apparently a cucumber either.

The garden is doing well.
Growing lots of tall lovely grass.....I mean veggies.
The gopher ultimately ate my basil, but I re planted in a pot. It also ate all of my beans and one of my pickling cucumber plants as well. Something has been nibbling my tomato plant as well, from over the fence...maybe deer. BUT, as you can see we are indeed harvesting food. It supposed to get hot again this week, I am hoping that ripens the tomatoes.

In other yard news two limbs broke off my peach tree. It was super sad. One branch is still connected and therefore is indeed ripening the GIANT peaches. The other, well,I am planning to cut a few open and see if they can be salvaged in any way at all. Sadly I think it's a lost cause, as are all of my grapes. Turns out our very long , super wet winter followed by an oddly mild summer is a the PERFECT combination for grape fungus. Yeah, great. Unfortunately there aren't many ways to get rid of it or save the crop. This is very sad. We looked forward to eating them and making jelly. Perhaps another year.

Off to freeze squash.

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Cindy said...

Or corn, canteloup, watermelon, pumpkins..... BUT NEVER, NEVER turn your back for even a second on Green Beans!!!