Friday, August 13, 2010


Due to someone mis-scheduling themselves Aaron and I were given, very generously I might add, tickets to a Hillsong concert.

Now, we don't love every song they do, and we have opinions about formula Christian music....but we also love many of their songs, and needed a break from routine and to be in the audience instead of on stage.

It was a rocking, kickin, loud concert. The fabric I was wearing was vibrating with the bass and drums(which I LOVE). Thankfully, being who I am, and doing what I do, I had earplugs with me for the rowdy songs.

What's that you just thought to yourself? ..."If it's too loud you're too old".
On the contrary, 'If it's too loud you'll lose hearing and seem old before your time"
I can't sing if I can't hear, so I protect my hearing.

Back to the concert. We didn't know all the songs, but it was fun and the lighting was fabulous! They engaged the audience and fed off the energy in the room.

They only had one more concert and then they are going home to Australia, South Africa and Sweden. I highly suggest them next time they are around.

A big thanks to HK for sharing those tickets with us.

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