Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ten On Thursday, Ww

Been a crazy week.
It's concert time.
So 3 of my 5 readers knows that means I am super busy.
Not only do I work in the office and have to help make sure the musicians are all taken care of, and programs are made and my normal weekly work is done, but I also sing in the there's that. PLUS our internet was wonky this week.

Here's Tuesday's list....just a smidgen late.
Ten Things I am thankful for, all starting with Ww.

1. Water. Love drinking it, swimming in it, being near it.
2. Wisteria, so lovely as it hangs down from a trellis.
3. Winter. I am so thankful for the cold weather, a break from weeding and mowing.
4. Wraps, elegant ones for formal wear, edible ones for food, and baby ones, for carrying babies!
5. Weekends....even when they aren't Saturday and Sunday.
6. Washmans. Some of my favorite people.
7. Willingness, an open heart to do what it takes.
8. Work. We were designed to work. It is satisfying to accomplish something, and it's nice if you get paid for it as well.
9. Watermelon, oh so delightful and refreshing.
10. Cake Wrecks If you haven't see it, try it, it's hilarious.

Be thankful.


Thany said...

10 points for the use of the word "wonky"

Armando Codina said...

Thanx for posting, its very informative for me, i must read your other post too.