Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday(ish) ZOINKS!

Well, here we are, the letter Z. (I know I am a day late, but I am in Idaho visiting a friend and well...we are busy)
26 weeks of thankfulness from just the alphabet alone, that's half a year! Thankfulness is healing to your soul, helps you focus outwardly instead of selfishly, and frankly, reminds you of what is truly important, even if it's silly!

In no particular order.

1. Zamboni, it's fun to say, and a really cool piece of machinery.
2. Zoom, the original show, loved it as a kid.
3. Zippers, instead of hundreds of tiny hook and eyes, or buttons, or lace ups, which brings me to...
4. ZOINKS! Thanks to Shaggy and Scooby Do, this odd collection of sounds is a pop-culture word.
5. Zoolander. A truly stupid, but hysterical movie.
6. Zygote, without them, none of us would be here.
7. Zithers, Many years ago a very dear friend of mine was seriously dating a young man. The very first time their two sets of parents met the young man's father pulled out a Zither and proceeded to entertain the group for the evening with his repertoire of loudly sung German Christmas Carols, much to the surprise of most involved. She went on to marry that young man anyway and all is still well.
8. Zines, underground , self printed magazines for a specific target audience. I had my illustrations and some poems in one a few times, because I was so cool.
9. Zingers. I don't eat them anymore. But I loved the vanilla ones. My hips didn't, but my mouth did.
10. The Zabs. Without them my life would have a big whole in it, and a whole lot less cuteness. BZ is an essential element in my world. Sure...I could "survive" without her, but it wouldn't nearly as fun, and I MIGHT not be involved in so many , um, escapades....hehehe. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ten On Tuesday, Yy

Ten things I am thankful for, all starting with the letter Y.

1. Yes
2. Yellow Jackets, the band, not the insects.
3. Yard sales
4. Yams
5. Yogurt
6. Yearbooks, so I can look back and think, "Man, I was a dork, good thing I kinda out grew it...kinda"
7. in fabrics, I love textiles.
8. Spencer can run around and play and be a kid.
9. is sometimes wasted on the young....
10. Yahweh. Thankful to Him, thankful for all He's done, thankful for Him.

Friday, July 16, 2010


My daughter had her wisdom teeth out this week as I mentioned.
We have to piggy back her meds with Ibuprofin, which we ran out of,
so I raced to Target last night 14 minutes before they closed.

I found what I needed and glorybe I spied a huge 50% off sale sign on all the Summer know, because Summer is so over already.

I bought a "Slip N Slide" for $2.49.
It's 99 degrees outside today, that was a good purchase.

It makes for a very happy kid.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Easy Ice Pack Holder

My daughter had all four wisdom teeth removed yesterday morning.
Part of the instructions to help her heal quickly requires icing the cheeks on and off all day. Now the cold on the cheek was a relief, but holding the pack was not, even with a dish towel, it was just a bit awkward, especially while slightly drugged for pain.

As I made dinner a brilliant idea suddenly hit me as I moved the the lid off the mashed potatoes I cooked for her....


I have the square/rectangle kind, with the little pocket for your hand.
I slipped the ice pack inside, or you could use a baggie of ice cubes, and she has the thin side against her cheek, and the thick side facing out so her fingers don't get too cold.

Problem solved.

I forgot! Here is the link to check out other peoples wonderful hints.

Ten On Tuesday. Ex.

Oh yes, it's the X week.
For anyone new this is the original post that explains why I am trying to live a thankful life, and help others do the same.

Please join me by blogging a list of ten things you are thankful for.

In no particular order:

1. Xanadu, long ago when I used to babysit some neighbors kids, this movie was the saving grace of the evening. I'd feed them dinner, they would do the required reading or homework or whatever, and then we would watch this movie until bedtime. Then I would get paid a premium amount because those parents were awesome. It was the perfect babysitting gig. I wonder if the boy married someone that looks like Olivia Newton-John.

2. Xylophones*, the BIG wooden ones that sound fabulous, and my fabulous friend that plays one, Corbetta. (She isn't playing one on that album that I know of)..*NOTE Not to be confused with the little metal toy ones, I am not thankful for those at all.

3. X-rays, not only for the medical advancement they allowed (when they were cutting edge) but it is all intertwined with photography too.

4. X-mas, and before you get all bent out of shape, X represents the Greek letter chi, which is the first letter in word for Christ and often used alone for Christ.

5. Xerox. Where would we be with out a copy machine???

6. Xenoepist (noun) : someone who speaks with a foreign accent. Oooh lala!

7. X-men

8. X, as in, Sugar and Spice and everything nice, and CHEMICAL X, POWER PUFF GIRLS!

9. Xebec, Small 3 masted pirate ships.

10. X-Lax, So many jokes.....and classic snarky remark: Smooth move X-lax!

OKAY MAKE A LIST, IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE X's...seriously, make a list of any ten things you are thankful for. Link it here for all to see. Thanks, I appreciate it!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ten On Thursday, Ww

Been a crazy week.
It's concert time.
So 3 of my 5 readers knows that means I am super busy.
Not only do I work in the office and have to help make sure the musicians are all taken care of, and programs are made and my normal weekly work is done, but I also sing in the there's that. PLUS our internet was wonky this week.

Here's Tuesday's list....just a smidgen late.
Ten Things I am thankful for, all starting with Ww.

1. Water. Love drinking it, swimming in it, being near it.
2. Wisteria, so lovely as it hangs down from a trellis.
3. Winter. I am so thankful for the cold weather, a break from weeding and mowing.
4. Wraps, elegant ones for formal wear, edible ones for food, and baby ones, for carrying babies!
5. Weekends....even when they aren't Saturday and Sunday.
6. Washmans. Some of my favorite people.
7. Willingness, an open heart to do what it takes.
8. Work. We were designed to work. It is satisfying to accomplish something, and it's nice if you get paid for it as well.
9. Watermelon, oh so delightful and refreshing.
10. Cake Wrecks If you haven't see it, try it, it's hilarious.

Be thankful.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Billowing Sails

I am surrounded by pregnant people.

I am surrounded by the knowledge of pregnant people. Only a few of them technically live nearby. In area, at the church we ministered and a community we lived there are currently 9 with child. Some of which I know. In our own church there are a few, one just had her baby, one due soon and another due in September. Even on line "friends" are having or announcing babies. Two that are particularly special, 2 women, one I knew in elementary school, the other through her blog, both just a bit older than me...both got remarried this year, and both are now with child. What amazing blessings!

It is bittersweet and delightful, and amazing, and I am getting a little hormonal. No, not a little, I am getting so hormonal that it hurts. My body literally hurts, aches, yearns. Unless you have experienced this, I don't think you could possibly know this feeling, it's physical, not some mental thought about how nice another baby would be.

With the most recent pregnancy announcement I couldn't contain my glee and excitement and frankly I am a little loopy about this baby. Is this what it will be one day, OH SO MANY YEARS FROM NOW, when I become a grandma? I already love this child, how can this be? Am I living out my deepest desire for one more through a friend?

Doesn't matter.
This child will be a blessing and a joy.

I have to face my reality that I will never again be pregnant, just like I have for several years now. I teeter totter from thankful to hopeful, to down right sad I suppose. Realistically, having the kids we have , and no more makes perfect sense...but hormones don't listen to realistic expectations of life.
Neither does God.

It would take a miracle, but if he wants to give me one, I am ready.
And if the choices we made and the plans we think we have are okay, then I am okay with that too.

I'll just keep spilling over with joy for other people.

I hope they don't mind.