Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten On Tuesday, Terrific T's

Ten things I am totally Thankful for...

no particular order:

1. My son's middle name.
2. Thankfulness!
3. Thanksgiving, not only should it be a day of more thankfulness, but also family, fun and yummy food.
4. Thunder Mountain at Disneyland, super fun coaster with a lot of attention to details.
5. Tassels, I have none in my house per say, but I do like them, I like running my hands through the big silky ones ( oh yay, that should get the spammers all here)
6. Tempura. But only if it's made right, super light and crispy. Yum.
7. Tacos. Home made, Brother in law Morris' rock.
8. Tenacity. Sometimes, to get something done, you just need some...
9. Toast.
10. Tender heartedness. I find it sexy in my man, lovable in my son, and sad when someone is lacking it.

What are you thankful for today?

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