Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hoop Fail

No this isn't about basketball.

This is a simple story about a falling earring.
Sunday morning, while on the platform singing and praising my earring fell off.
I felt it disengage from my ear and tried to catch it, I failed.
But I did manage to knock it down my shirt. Yep....that was fun.
I whispered to my friend next to me , who then had to bite her tongue to not giggle during the welcome.

During the next 3 songs, as I breathed correctly to sing, my earring slipped farther and farther down my shirt. I would daintily and discretely check it's progress occasionally. When we finished the set list I walked outside and flicked it out from the bottom of my shirt.

So ridiculous. I hope no one noticed.
If ever someone seems a little distracted in a meeting or on stage...just remember..they could have an earring down their shirt.


inquisitivesensitive said...

oooh I've done that before! :P Hehehe. By the way...LOVE the new layout!!!! I sometimes read your posts in my Google reader so this is the first time I've noticed it!

Ginny said...

Or...they could just be Crayl....hehehe.