Friday, June 25, 2010


I am not an early riser.
I do not wake up sunshiney and full of cuddles, rainbows and glee.
I am not necessarily a grumpy ogre either, but I am not a jump out of bed and greet the rising sun kinda gal. I do however wake up relatively okay looking strangely enough.

Our church has 6am prayer, on one day for the men in 2 different locations to better serve our community...and another day for the ladies, same two houses.

I have made it once. And it was due to a really important person staying overnight with me, and it was our only chance to pray together with these wonderful women because we were leaving that morning on a trip...and well, her needs are really important to me, and the trip itself was bitter sweet, and we needed prayer and a covering, so there ya go....ONE TIME.

Yesterday I saw the female leader who lives in the home that hosts this early morning prayer stuff and casually asked her. "So who comes to your house"
And she laughingly responded, "Well, let's see, NOT CRAYL..."

I tried to explain that I am not a sunshiney morning person, that I actually have trouble seeing in the wee hours (yes, 6am is wee to me, so what, we are all created differently).I am a master of the one eye at a time vision in the AM.
She even offered to pick me up, I declined.

Fast forward...weird tales plague my dreams, at the end of which I wake up to hear the rain and comment out loud, "I hope all the car windows are rolled up"

My husband jumps out of bed in a panic and flies outside to move our landlord's riding mower, that died in the middle of the yard, into the garage.
I watch for a moment, realizing he needs help and put on my shoes.

I wondered back inside afterward, look at the clock...5:50am....and grab my keys and go to morning prayer..

God made it rain, so I would go pray. Pray for those in need, for those we know that are suffering, or in need of miracles and direction, of healing. He also provided just the right people to help me decipher the dreams, very foretelling.

It was beautiful.


Thany said...

I loved our prayer that morning. We needed it.

And I'm glad you listen when He makes it rain for you to go again.

Anonymous said...

Pen and ink is wits plough. ....................................................................