Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ten On Tuesday, P

Ten things I am very thankful for, all starting with the letter P.
No particular order.

1. Popcorn
2. Paper, paper products. I love a real book, blank books, art paper, craft paper, stationary and other such things. I am careful to not be wasteful and I do recycle, but I am so very thankful for paper.
3. Panache
4. Pancakes
5. Pineapple.
6. Pine trees
7. Positive people
8. Passion
9. Parachutes. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes, sometimes even in the shape of a person...
10.Persimmons. mmmmmmmmmmm

Take a moment and join me in some thankfulness!
Thank you to those that I made lists last week (and weeks before) I LOVE reading them.
You might want to start early for next week's list....Qq, just saying.

1 comment:

Thany said...

I have never EVER had a Persimmon before. they were my grandma's favorite and whenever I hear the word, I hear her voice saying it.