Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten On Tuesday, Nn.

Ten things I am thankful for all starting with the letter N.

No particular order.

1. Nancy. She is a solid steadfast sweetie of a friend. She has taught me how to be generous,even when we ourselves don't have "enough". Her family is a blessing to ours, and I hope we in turn are a blessing to hers.
2. Nutmeg. A delightful flavor when added in very small amounts.
3. Nuts. Specifically almonds and cashews.
4. Need, vs. want....I am thankful to truly be learning the difference.
5. Noodles. Not only pasta, but your brain as well. Use your noodle, thank you.
6. Nectarines.
7. Notebooks, I have a thing for blank notebooks, especially with straps or ties, love them.
8. Nose and nerves, so I can smell good things, and feel things, like a kiss.
9. Niceness. Please, let's have more if it!
10.New chips. :)

Fix your attitude with some real gratitude.
Feeling sad, mad, frustrated, down?
Make a list, be thankful, watch the gloom be replaced with joy. It's not always instant, but it will happen.

I choose joy.


Heather said...

My favorite nuts (other than my family) are almonds and cashews too :)

Great list!

Karen said...

New chips? hahaha. Is that potato chips or poker chips? Good list. thanks

Anonymous said...

Good mind, good find...................................................