Tuesday, April 27, 2010

O' Ten on Tuesday

Ten things I remembered today to be thankful for, because a thankful heart is a happy heart, and I don't know about you, but I need all the happiness I can get!

No particular order:

1.Oranges. Sweet, full of good stuff, tasty juice, a perfect wake up drink or snack.
2. Omnipresent, Omnipotence, these words describe God, and that's outrageously good.
3. Out house....okay, when the choice is behind a bush or a tree,or an outhouse well...the outhouse is usually a better choice.
4. Open. When your kid is sick int he middle of the night, or you are pregnant with a craving, or when you have to get a glue stick or cupcake ingredients for a kids project...open is a very good thing to be thankful for indeed.
5. Obedience, not only from those who should obey me, but for myself, because I do need to answer for my own behavior as well.
6. Oceanic views.I live in the mountains, sorta, and for a break, a nice oceanic view is delightful.
7. Out-patient ....better than an "in-patient".
8. Onions, make life and recipes more interesting.
9. Oatmeal cookies, with cranberries and other tasty treats in them.
10.Optimism. Try it. It's so much better than the dark side.

Tell me, what are you thankful for?
And if you make a list, let me know!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten On Tuesday, Nn.

Ten things I am thankful for all starting with the letter N.

No particular order.

1. Nancy. She is a solid steadfast sweetie of a friend. She has taught me how to be generous,even when we ourselves don't have "enough". Her family is a blessing to ours, and I hope we in turn are a blessing to hers.
2. Nutmeg. A delightful flavor when added in very small amounts.
3. Nuts. Specifically almonds and cashews.
4. Need, vs. want....I am thankful to truly be learning the difference.
5. Noodles. Not only pasta, but your brain as well. Use your noodle, thank you.
6. Nectarines.
7. Notebooks, I have a thing for blank notebooks, especially with straps or ties, love them.
8. Nose and nerves, so I can smell good things, and feel things, like a kiss.
9. Niceness. Please, let's have more if it!
10.New chips. :)

Fix your attitude with some real gratitude.
Feeling sad, mad, frustrated, down?
Make a list, be thankful, watch the gloom be replaced with joy. It's not always instant, but it will happen.

I choose joy.

Friday, April 16, 2010


On the way home from work I stopped in a thrift store to look for something. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I found a few other items that were needed in my home. Among the items was an awesome cookbook, compact, color glossy pages, all one pot meals. I love a meal with little clean up.

I brought my stuff to the check out lane, she looks at the book, says, "There's no price tag" and throws it under her counter.

"All paperbacks are $1.49", I counter. All the book prices are listed, clearly, on charts by the books.

"Doesn't matter, I can't sell it without a price tag, it messes up inventory"

I don't believe this for a moment, they aren't that high tech.

"But all your paper backs are $1.49, always"
"I can't sell it to you"

I blink

The guy behind me in line pipes up, "They do this to me all the time"

I nearly walked away without purchasing anything...but I really needed some of the other items, and they were still new, so they were worth continuing my purchase.

But to the thrift store I'd like to say:
So is it $1.49, or prices as marked?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(I think someone's in trouble for over ordering Robin's Eggs)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ten On Tuesday, M

Ten things I am so thankful for, all starting with the letter M:
But HERE is my original post of M words from a couple years ago. I do try and not repeat myself too often...

1. My Mom. She is fabulous, I love her.
2. Marshmallows.
3. Mangoes
4. Magic Erasers, I move alot, and this handy dandy item has really made a difference.
5. Millenium Falcon

6. Mondays. Weird, I know, but it is usually the least busy day in our week.
7. Macadamia nuts, and where they are from.
8. "Mutual, I'm sure"...and the
9. Movie, it's from. We love movies areound here.

So tell me, what are you thankful for?
A thankful heart, is a happy heart.
(Be glad for what you have, that's an easy way to start....thank you Veggie Tales)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ten on Thursday, L Style

I don't know what happened to Tuesday, but I woke up and thought, "Hey, it's Thursday, time for the L list!"...

Ten things I am ever so thankful for all starting with the luminous letter L.
No particular order.

1. LaDonna.Friend extraordinaire.
2. Lollygagging. But only when I have the time.
3. Laptop computers.
4. Lumpia. Yum.
5. Lazy Sunday afternoons, but they are RARE.
6. Lighting, lamps, lightbulbs, you get the idea.
7. Larry the Cucumber, and his creators.
8. Leesah Sweetie, my niece.
9. Luxury, a little bit now and then is such a treat. Like a really good set of sheets, or really fabulous smelling soap, nothing crazy...

What are YOU thankful for?!