Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am currently in San Diego, although I am writing this before my plane even takes off.

I have now surprised a dear friend not only for her birthday, but also because she must face surgery on Monday. I am here for moral support, to get the real info from the doctors and have some fun to boot. This trip will also include meeting a fiance and getting to know these two as a couple, and also having some time with my sister's family. Not only did my niece finish her BS in Physiology and Neuroscience but also because my brother in law lost his dad. It will be an interesting roller coaster.

It took a lot of people to make this happen, and I am so very grateful!
Thank you for stretching the truth to out right lying.
Thank you for bending your schedules, making a spot on the sofa for me and meeting me at the airport with a car. I had a little medical problem earlier this week that took my money and had me worried that maybe I couldn't still take this trip without complication...but everything will be okay.(YAY!)

I am sure she was surprised, and I am sure she is happy that I am here.

Again, I appreciate everyone that kept their mouths shut, especially when I almost blew it several times.


Misty said...

praying for your time there, your family and your friend...

Red Riding Hood said...