Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, Another look at B

Ten things beginning with the letter B that I am so very thankful...
and yes I am fully aware that this is Wednesday...

1. Butterflies, flitting, floating, fluttering by...
2. Batting cages, because sometimes I just need to hit something.
3. Bugaloos, the first music video ever saw on MTV was their song,"Video Killed The Radio Star" fact it was the first one ever shown, which doesn't make me old at all, nope.
4. Bass, as my husband is slapping it nearby and practicing a great song, love the sound, the feel, the thumping....sounds naughty....I love that man.
5. Butter, I had this in my original list, but I stand by it. Margarine will kill you faster.
6. Biscuits, yummy, light and fluffy, made with real butter, hot from the oven ....
7. Blogging, blogs, bloggers, love the community that reaches beyond neighborhoods.
8. Backrubs
9. Belly Button song, by Veggie Tales
10.Bible. It is full of information, instruction and history. It still applies to us today...with an understanding of what was being said and why, when it was written. It contains the best gift ever, eternal life.
Worth reading for sure.

What are you thankful for?!

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Karen said...

Yay for your Tuesday blog on Wed.
See you next week. kare