Monday, January 4, 2010

A Fetching We Shall Go

On December 22 Jenelle and I left early and headed south towards Phoenix. We hit mild traffic, long hauls with truckers and holiday travelers, wind gusts pelting us with gravel, hours of good music, a sand storm and finally darkness. But we made it, and right in time for a late dinner with my daughter Alyssa and her fun friends.

They helped pack the SUV we were borrowing, and then proceeded to take my daughter's small sofa down the street...on a tricycle. Ingenuity is a grand thing.

We took off as early the next day, grabbed the trailer, loaded what was left on her apartment, stopped off for Krispy Kremes (since they all disappeared in California) and hit the road.

We hit wind again, but not as badly. We took a sharp right out in Riverside

and headed up the 215/15 instead of the 5/99 for a slight detour, my parent's house. This year we weren't going to travel to their house on Christmas as usual, things were simply different.My sister and her family were already there along with my brother instead of coming up on Christmas day as well. My mom kept it a secret so we were a big surprise to everyone else. That was kinda fun.

After really spectacular food, cookie making, movies and family time we headed out the next morning at 6am. I had 7 and a half hours left to drive, and a Christmas Eve service rehearsal to get to by 4. We made a stop in Bishop at the K-Mart so the girls could buy each other music for Christmas, that we of course listened to on the road, as well as a few gifts for others.
This is one tired woman, with over 6 hours left to drive.

View from parking lot of the Bishop K-Mart:

We entered the Snow covered portion of the High Sierras from truly is a breath taking drive.

This is Bridgeport, Ca. Our family cabin is nearby, but it isn't like this when we use it.

Nor this...

The trip was fun, and successful! I tried for a good photo, but she wouldn't stop making faces.

We made it home, emptied the trailer, returned the trailer, and I made it to rehearsal and we had a great Christmas Eve service.

In less than 3 days I drove 28 hours with little sleep, but to have my daughter back home in time for Christmas morning was totally worth it.


Misty said...

wow... i do love the couch move though... but question: Why don't you guys have Krispy Kreme any more?

Heather said...

I'm so glad the drive went well and you had your daughter home for Christmas! You were about 20 minutes away from my house at the 215/15 interchange!