Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Feline Visitor

Last night as I was leaving an event it was pouring rain. And I mean POURING.
As I approached my car I heard the wales of a sad kitty wanting attention, and I am sure, help to get out of the rain. This event had been at a very lovely home up the mountain a bit, so I was on a very long dark winding driveway type lane in the trees. Because of this fact, plus the POURING rain I couldn't see where the cat was. I knew the owner had a young cat and assumed this was indeed her. As I traversed streams and mud to find the best way to my driver door I kept hearing her, but still couldn't see her. As I put the key into the door I felt her snuggle my leg and she meowed at me sweetly. I had to place something in the back seat, and as I did that kitty jumped into my car and sat in the front seat like it was home. She was very thankful to be out of the rain.

She, of course, wouldn't leave.

Since she was a sweet kitty I drove right up tot he front of the house and one of the people living there was helping people to their cars with a giant umbrella.
"I have something of yours!" I yelled out.
We had a good laugh and he picked her up out of the car so she could run under the overhang.

Sometimes we all just need a warm, dry safe place to be for a moment. A little love thrown our way.


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Dana said...

That's sweet. :) Our cat won't even go willingly into our car!