Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Feline Visitor

Last night as I was leaving an event it was pouring rain. And I mean POURING.
As I approached my car I heard the wales of a sad kitty wanting attention, and I am sure, help to get out of the rain. This event had been at a very lovely home up the mountain a bit, so I was on a very long dark winding driveway type lane in the trees. Because of this fact, plus the POURING rain I couldn't see where the cat was. I knew the owner had a young cat and assumed this was indeed her. As I traversed streams and mud to find the best way to my driver door I kept hearing her, but still couldn't see her. As I put the key into the door I felt her snuggle my leg and she meowed at me sweetly. I had to place something in the back seat, and as I did that kitty jumped into my car and sat in the front seat like it was home. She was very thankful to be out of the rain.

She, of course, wouldn't leave.

Since she was a sweet kitty I drove right up tot he front of the house and one of the people living there was helping people to their cars with a giant umbrella.
"I have something of yours!" I yelled out.
We had a good laugh and he picked her up out of the car so she could run under the overhang.

Sometimes we all just need a warm, dry safe place to be for a moment. A little love thrown our way.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, Another look at B

Ten things beginning with the letter B that I am so very thankful...
and yes I am fully aware that this is Wednesday...

1. Butterflies, flitting, floating, fluttering by...
2. Batting cages, because sometimes I just need to hit something.
3. Bugaloos, the first music video ever saw on MTV was their song,"Video Killed The Radio Star" fact it was the first one ever shown, which doesn't make me old at all, nope.
4. Bass, as my husband is slapping it nearby and practicing a great song, love the sound, the feel, the thumping....sounds naughty....I love that man.
5. Butter, I had this in my original list, but I stand by it. Margarine will kill you faster.
6. Biscuits, yummy, light and fluffy, made with real butter, hot from the oven ....
7. Blogging, blogs, bloggers, love the community that reaches beyond neighborhoods.
8. Backrubs
9. Belly Button song, by Veggie Tales
10.Bible. It is full of information, instruction and history. It still applies to us today...with an understanding of what was being said and why, when it was written. It contains the best gift ever, eternal life.
Worth reading for sure.

What are you thankful for?!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten On Tuesday, A revisited

I am thankful for:
(In no particular order)

1. Agriculture, think about it, where would we be without it? Dead....
2. Anticeptic, think about it again....more people would be dead
3. Antibiotics, even though I think they are over used, over prescribed and in general people need to understand the consequences and responsibility of using them properly...I do think that they are a a good thing, and without them, well again, more people dead...seems like a theme.
4. Anger management. Again with the dead people thing, hmmm. I guess I am in a mood.
5. Average. Because sometimes you need to just be normal (and look, no dead people).
6. Appalachian Emergency Room, because sometimes you just need to laugh.
7. Apples To Apples, great game
8. Arsnic and Old Lace (I see dead people again)
9. Avocados, oh the delightful Avocado.
10. Articluate, I am so very thankful for the opportunity to get to articulate.

Here's the thing.
I would love to kick off the alphabet again, have other's join in the challenge. I don't have the linking ability currently (long story).
So IF you make a list, all A or not, I don't care, PLEASE leave a comment and I will visit your blog and make sure to read your list as well. I will even leave a comment for you.

Take a moment to remember that there is always something to be thankful for.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Small Move

Small Move, Big Changes:

The computer was moved from inside the house to the music studio.
Now I don't have regular access to it. I mean, if I want to look up the weather before I go to bed I would have to bundle up and go outside...that isn't going to happen.

I will indeed keep blogging.

I do need to save up for, and research small computers. This micro laptops. All I need is a connection to the outside world, e-mail, blogging, nothing fancy.

Any one have any product advise?

In other news The sun finally was truly shining today. Feels like it's been months since is has, but it was more like 2 weeks. I am so thankful for it, SO THANKFUL!

Friday, January 8, 2010

20 Years Ago

Twenty years ago today I was 39 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins and I called my OBGyn and kinda whined/freaked out on the phone to her nurse. If I recall I said something about a mucus plug and feeling icky but no contractions and stuff. That nurse was sensitive and frankly really intelligent. She knew this person on the phone well enough to know something wasn't right and she told me to come into the office, even though I had a stress test scheduled the next day. I arrived and went through the regular routine, scale, pee (maybe) and blood pressure, to which her response was , "Why don't you lie down for a minute in this calm room and I will take it again in a few minutes, K?"
So I did, and she did, and suddenly there were a lot of concerned people milling around and my Doctor asked who was with me that could take me to the hospital. Hmmmm, I guess my blood pressure was kinda high, or maybe really high....

That night I didn't sleep, not only because of the pending birth, but also because hospitals are so loud, and those beds that transform into birthing position were not refined yet. I was supposed to be induced at 6am, which turned to 8:20ish or so. I am only a fan of Pitocin because it helped get my babies out, however, it is hard core be ready to scream kinda stuff. Not my favorite.

Long story short, I progressed nicely and then started pushing just before 3pm, and kept pushing ...for 3 hours. At this point they wheeled me into a surgical room, "just in case" and suddenly there were 20 other people in the room. Two Doctors for me, two for the babies, and full staff of nurses for everyone. I wanted to laugh and say , "Hi everyone, welcome "...but I was busy trying to push to two kids out...
They arrived without surgical intervention at 6:06 and 6:25. Weighing in at 6# 1oz and 6# 3 oz respectably. Everyone was healthy.

My life has never been the same, and I am thankful.

Happy Birthday Alyssa and Jenelle, I love you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Instead of Your Sleeve

For Christmas my brother bought my son a special Lego shirt...

Isn't it cool? Tie Fighter Lego...

Literally on the shirt...

It has a panel that velcro's off for washing, then you can add legos on it while you wear it. Hilariously cool.


Monday, January 4, 2010

A Fetching We Shall Go

On December 22 Jenelle and I left early and headed south towards Phoenix. We hit mild traffic, long hauls with truckers and holiday travelers, wind gusts pelting us with gravel, hours of good music, a sand storm and finally darkness. But we made it, and right in time for a late dinner with my daughter Alyssa and her fun friends.

They helped pack the SUV we were borrowing, and then proceeded to take my daughter's small sofa down the street...on a tricycle. Ingenuity is a grand thing.

We took off as early the next day, grabbed the trailer, loaded what was left on her apartment, stopped off for Krispy Kremes (since they all disappeared in California) and hit the road.

We hit wind again, but not as badly. We took a sharp right out in Riverside

and headed up the 215/15 instead of the 5/99 for a slight detour, my parent's house. This year we weren't going to travel to their house on Christmas as usual, things were simply different.My sister and her family were already there along with my brother instead of coming up on Christmas day as well. My mom kept it a secret so we were a big surprise to everyone else. That was kinda fun.

After really spectacular food, cookie making, movies and family time we headed out the next morning at 6am. I had 7 and a half hours left to drive, and a Christmas Eve service rehearsal to get to by 4. We made a stop in Bishop at the K-Mart so the girls could buy each other music for Christmas, that we of course listened to on the road, as well as a few gifts for others.
This is one tired woman, with over 6 hours left to drive.

View from parking lot of the Bishop K-Mart:

We entered the Snow covered portion of the High Sierras from truly is a breath taking drive.

This is Bridgeport, Ca. Our family cabin is nearby, but it isn't like this when we use it.

Nor this...

The trip was fun, and successful! I tried for a good photo, but she wouldn't stop making faces.

We made it home, emptied the trailer, returned the trailer, and I made it to rehearsal and we had a great Christmas Eve service.

In less than 3 days I drove 28 hours with little sleep, but to have my daughter back home in time for Christmas morning was totally worth it.