Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten On Tuesday


1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
2. Sweaters and Uggs(knockoffs)
3. Parties and gatherings
4. Lights, and more lights, and MOOOOOORE LIGHTS!
5. Giving things to people to make them happy!
6. End of another year, bringing in a new one.
7. Extra gigs and hours at work so #5 can happen.
8. Family and friend time.
9. I'll be honest, treats, cookies, and all the yummy things that only show up this time of year, like peppermint ice cream, and homemade frosted sugar cookies.

10. The birth of Jesus Christ. It's his birthday, He came here, to earth, as a lowly human being, not a rich king, born in a stable, to go on to die a horrible death, and WHY? So that we could be resolved of sin and actually hang out with God, to be saved, to have a real relationship again, not marred by stuff we did wrong.

That's the best gift of all.

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